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Who We Are

Orange Bear was created out of a love of hats and a sense of pride in the city we call home.  We wish to create high-quality products, taking inspiration from St Louis and its art, architecture and culture.  Every piece and part of our hats, including every stitch, tag, ribbon and button has been designed and hand-selected with purpose and then built by quality craftspersons around the world.

The Tamm Ave

In the tradition of the classic Irish “Paddy caps” our Tamm Ave is made from a collection of hand-selected patches of Irish Wool that create our own take, on these familiar favorites.  In St Louis, the Irish neighborhood called Dogtown (also known as the Clayton/Tamm Neighborhood) is home to the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, where thousands of folks come to attend the festival, which runs the length of Tamm Avenue.  The “Tamm Ave” Newsboy Cap is an exceptional piece that is great for everyday wear and also perfect for your next celebration! Slainte! 

The Benton Park

The Benton Park is inspired by the unmistakable rich red color that decorates the architecture of St Louis – especially in the historic neighborhoods of Benton Park and Soulard.  Red Bricks became synonymous with quality craftmanship that stands the test of time.  Our Classic fedora aims to echo this aesthetic.   

The Kali

One of the best things about St Louis is the Zoo.  At Orange Bear, our favorite at the zoo is Kali the resident polar bear.  Our ivory colored fedora is a tribute to our 9 foot furry friend, who’s been stealing our hearts since 2015. 

*10% of all proceeds from the “Kali” will be donated to the St Louis Zoo for wildlife charities.

Pork Pies

Perhaps one of the most universally loved hat styles, our pork pie is the marriage of fine craftmanship and tradition.  Artists and notable historic figures have chosen the flat crown and narrow brim hat to define their style.  From Buster Keaton, Robert Oppenheimer and jazz musician Lester Young, to present day characters and musicians like Tom Waits and Walter White, the pork pie remains a fashion favorite.

The Brewmaster

St Louis, in our humble opinion, is a Beer Mecca.  With over 60 world class breweries within a 50 mile radius and more on the way, the city is the perfect place for a perfect pint!  Made from 100% Irish Wool and in a golden pilsner color, this cap is a tribute to all who tirelessly work to bring us their delicious beers!   Cheers!

Baseball Hat

Our Custom Baseball hats aim to be included in the "reputation of quality" honor that is shared by many of our favorite timeless brands.  These classics have inspired us because they maintain that quality and therefore are among the most worn headwear in the world.  St Louis is a great sports town, and we hope that your OrangeBear Baseball hat makes a good addition to your collection.  Outdoor fun awaits at the lake, the park or the backyard and we have the perfect hat choice covered!