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Maybe Someday

Once upon a time, a husband and wife decided that they wanted to try their hand at starting their own business.  They had a passion about the product, a determination to build something their families could be proud of, and a bit of a risk-taking madness, which allowed them to throw their cautious nature aside and work to create a brand.  OrangeBear was born.

Will it be successful?  Will they recoup their investments?  Will they meet some talented industry folks that can offer sound advice and the means for bringing ideas to life?  Will people be interested?  "Maybe Someday" was a humble yet hopeful reply.  It's the feeling that you will achieve the desired result even if you are not sure how yet.  

Will they actually see their goals manifest?  Maybe Someday. Will they make other types of hats? Maybe Someday. Will they offer more colors? Maybe Someday. Will they sell hats in my local shop?  Maybe Someday.

Maybe Someday has become more than just a repeated reply to those with questions about this venture, it has become our motto.  It is a shared wish for forward progress.  It's an acknowledgement that the work to get there is the whole point.  Bob Dylan said in his book Chronicles that his grandmother would tell him “Happiness isn’t on the road to anywhere, happiness is the road.”  Figuring it out has been the most fun part.  "Maybe Someday"  can also be the hope that we as a community and society do a little better today than we did yesterday.  We may not be at the final destination, but it's inevitable.  We will get there.

We hope you like our page and our products and choose to tell others about us!  We sincerely hope that your own personal “Maybe Someday” can also become a reality.